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Bizindo is a full-service market entry firm, bridging the foreign companies seeking entry to Indonesia market for the purpose of setting up new business, manufacturing and sales operations. 

Indonesia Company Registration

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Indonesia Company Registration

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Indonesia Company Setup

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Indonesia Company Setup

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Indonesia Company Setup

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Indonesia Company Setup

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Type of Company

PT Local Company 

start from US$ 699

(Legal & All Permits)

start from US$ 1,199

(If incl. Virtual Office)

Suitable for Local Shareholder

Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA)

start from US$ 1,000

(Legal & All Permits)

start from US$ 1,500

(If incl. Virtual Office)

Common Way for Foreigner to Operate a Company

Representative Office (KPPA or KP3A)

US$ 699

(Legal & All Permits)

Total US$ 1,199

(If incl. Virtual Office)

Suitable for Foreigner in Purpose of Market Research

Corporate Services Package

Type of Services

Sworn Translation

Per Page US$ 7

(Indonesia ↔ English)

Per Page US$ 15

(Indonesia ↔ Mandarin/Chinese)


US$ 250

(Register Brand per class)

Work Permit & KITAS Package

US$ 500

(Visa Complete Package)

US$ 550

(For Batam incld. Smart Card)

Accounting/Tax Reporting

Per Year US$ 800

(Small Size Company)

Per Year US$ 1,200

(Medium Size Company)

Bank Account

US$ 200

(at first class bank)

Bonus US$50

(include Payoneer account)

Construction Business Registration Package

Form of Investment in Construction Sector

Construction Representative Office License (BUJKA)

US$ Call

(Legal, Certification & All Permits)

Total US$ Call

(If incl. Virtual Office)

Foreign Construction Company (PT PMA)

US$ Call

(Legal, Certification & All Permits)

Total US$ Call

(If incl. Virtual Office)


Covid-19 Small Business Support

Safe the Small Business with Affordable Price and Expert Edvice. 

With the unique challenges of COVID-19, we’re committed to helping you keep your business sustainable – and your customers and employees safe.

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Our Customer Stories

"We have started our cooperation with Bizindo last year to incorporate a new Hemmersbach Entity in Indonesia and also to use Bizindo’s services for daily business needs in long term. The process of incorporation went smoothly and together with Bizindo it was always easy to find a good and satisfying solution for any problem. Bizindo is very responsive and responsible Service Provider who is always ready to help and answer your questions. We can recommend Bizindo as Service Provider as they know the Indonesian market and local requirements very well and are always able to support."
Indonesia Company Registration
Paulina Perak
Finance Specialist - Hemmersbach GmbH
"I am so grateful that I choose Bizindo to help us with our translations. It was so fast, easy and really cheap. The team was so helpful and made the process so much easier for us. I recommend Bizindo if you need any translations. I will continue to use its service in the future. Thank you so much."
Indonesia Company Registration
Melissa Lichtinger
ESL Teacher, EF English First Indonesia


100% online for Company Registration Process and Open Business Account Remotely in Indonesia.

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Roadmap for Those Setting up Business in Indonesia

Indonesia is considered as a country with complex regulatory environment.  It does not matter in what business you are, in what phase you are or whether you will enter the Indonesian market through new establishment, merger or acquisition, with our extensive knowledge, expertise and experiences, we can assist you to always comply with various regulatory and compliance requirements.

Once you enter the market, we can also help you managing your non-core functions including bookkeeping, payroll and corporate secretarial so that you can always focus on your core business as an important factor to your success.

Indonesia Company Setup

Pre-Entry Phase

Before entering Indonesia market, Bizindo can assist with market research, strategy and advisory. We can help you also to search the local distributors or suppliers and acting as your local representation.

Indonesia Company Setup

Entry Phase

When client decided to entry the market, Bizindo will assist to set up a legal entity (shelf or nominee company can be provided). We can help the import process, as well as providing the visa & permits.

Indonesia Company Setup

Post-Entry Phase

Bizindo is robust in taxation and its reporting. You can also outsource the accounting and recruitment process, while the client focus at their core business.


Market entry strategy is a method of how a company plans to distribute goods or services to a new market. A good market entry strategy is preceded by a market research which gives the company to understand and win this market.

Bizindo has good connection and in this business for 18 years. To success this business entry, we need good local distributor and supplier to support. 

Local representation service allows foreign companies to have a certain form of presence without setting up a company or representative office. This allows companies to quickly hire or conduct business activities without any bureaucracy.

Generally, to start up a business in Indonesia it requires several steps which may take approximately up to 60 days. There are three possible type of business structure which you can find more detail here.

Limited stay permit (KITAS) is an Immigration status or permit issued to foreigners willing to stay in Indonesia territory for certain period of time and can be extended if required. Find out more details in here.

As foreign company, you will firstly need to apply for import license before you could start importing. That may take time up to 3-6 months. Bizindo can help you to import faster or you can outsource the import process to us, we call this as importer of record.

Handled by an expert translator, accredited by the Court of Appeals and Cassation, our sworn translation is certified to be equivalent to the original source document. We call this certified or sworn-translator.

Bizindo has long experience in solving tax issues and good in tax administration. Beside, for new entry company need to understand also the tax incentives provided by the local government. Click here for more details.

We offer various accounting services to businesses of all size. Our priority is to let our client focus on their core business. Find out more detail in here.

Finding great people can be challenging and qualified work force can be limited. Find more in here for our recruitment process.

Our proven framework lets your business grow successfully. Our core competencies covers the logistic in term of efficiency, fullfilment and delivery.

Doing Business in Indonesia (Key Country Facts)

Indonesia, the largest country in Southeast Asia, is located between the Indian and Pacific oceans and is bordered by Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor and PNG. Indonesia is rich in natural resources such as coal, minerals (tin, gold, copper, nickel and bauxite), oil and gas, and has fertile land to support agricultural products. Those rich natural resources, together with the archipelago’s strategic location, make Indonesia an attractive country for foreign investors.

Indonesia is a republic and include thirty three provinces, two special regions and one special capital city district. Type of business organisations in Indonesia available for foreign investment are Limited Liability Companies, Representative Offices, Joint Ventures and Foreign Branches. Company incorporations in Indonesia are subject to “The Negative List” which referred to Presidential Regulation of The Republic of Indonesia Number 44 of 2016. The Negative List contains the area of business which is possible or impossible for foreigner to invest in Indonesia. The main regulation governing the incorporations of business activities in Indonesia is Corporate Law No 40 Year 2007.

Rapidly Growing Economy

Indonesia has chartered impressive economic growth since demonstrating its resilience during the 2008 global financial crisis. The country’s gross national income per capita has steadily increased from USD857 in 2000 to USD 3,603 in 2016. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country, the tenth largest economy by purchasing power parity, and a member of G-20. Its massive young population and large middle class with rising levels of disposable income provide the platform for the biggest consumption base in Southeast Asia, a major driver of historical economic growth. As an emerging middle-income country, Indonesia has made enormous gains in poverty rate by more than half since 1999, to 10.9% in 2016.

Indonesia is a promising market given its large, young population; a legal system favorable to business growth; pro-business government; abundant raw materials; and strategic geographical position for trade. The growth sectors contributing to two-thirds of Indonesia’s GDP are manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, information and communication, financial and insurance activity, and agriculture, forestry and fisheries. 

Find out more reasons on beneficial to invest in Indonesia!

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