Indonesia Trademark Registration


The trademark is a valuable asset for any company because the trademark is considered intellectual property (IP).  In Indonesia, it’s advisable to register your trademark before conducting business due to a high rate of IP piracy.

Indonesia Trademark Registration Process:

It would take about 9 months to process and approve the trademark application. After that, then WIPO Indonesia will add the trademark in their lists. An applicant would have to pay for Pre-filing Search, Request for Registration and Final Registration/Certificate. The fees and charges vary depending on the type of goods or services that a company wants to obtain. But, there are no guarantees that Directorate General of IP will approve the application. Furthermore, If the Directorate General of IP denied the application, the applicant will get no refunds. Here is a step by step guide in obtaining a trademark registration Indonesia.

We will guide you to choose the Trademark Class.


The advantages to register Trademark:

  1. Constitutional priority right as first to file. The person or legal entity who is the first to file the trademark generally has priority to use the registered trademark.
  2. Exclusive protection of the product (goods and services) from infringement claims by others in commerce activities
  3. Legal reinforcement of the position of trademark owners in court if there is litigation
  4. As a value added of goods or services in quality and reputation to the public


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