Investor KITAS

In 2019, the Indonesian Government re-launched the Investor KITAS making it significantly easier to obtain, as well as make some huge financial savings.

Apply for Investor KITAS

The Investor KITAS is a visa specifically designed for business investors in Indonesia, which is allowing them to live and manage their business within the country with relative ease. Although the Investor KITAS has actually been in effect since 2011, based on Law No. 6/2011 and later edited again in 2018, it wasn’t until the rebranding in 2019 when significant changes were noted. Then, it was making this KITAS type one of the most popular visas to possess in the country.

The Advantages of Investor KITAS (over a Working KITAS)

According to the BKPM amendment no.5/2019, Indonesia offers further benefits to investors residing in Indonesia. Prior to this regulation issuance, it was necessary for investors to apply for a Working KITAS (Index code 312), along with a working permit which costs US$1,200 (Rp 17 million) per year, as a mandatory fund.

Consequently, due to this amendment, Working Permits are no longer necessary for Investor KITAS holders which will reduce the visa outlay by US$100 (Rp 1.4 million) per month/$1,200 (Rp 17 million) per year. 

The Investor KITAS is available with two-term lengths: one year and two years. By picking the two-year Investor KITAS, you will save US$2,400 (Rp 35 million) over the term because of the non-compulsory DPKK fund as well as yearly KITAS processing and associated costs.

Who are Eligible to Apply for Investor KITAS?

Before an Investor KITAS can be obtained, the company’s authorised capital should exceed Rp10 billion and there should be a minimum of 25 percent of its authorised capital paid up. For companies that were set up prior to 2009, lower capital investment is possible. Finally, an investor should first have a minimum value of Rp1 billion in personal shares invested in a PMA company and hold the title of either director or commissioner.

As an investor that holds no position in a PMA company, but with personal shares of over Rp1.125 billion, you will also be eligible to apply for an Investors KITAS. However, work is not permitted.

If you are an investor that is stated as a Director, you are allowed to work while holding an Investor KITAS. This is stipulated in Manpower regulation Permenaker No. 10/2018 in Article 10, Article 22, and Article 26 point C. If an investor is stated as a commissioner, you are not allowed to work, but you can still get the facility of maximum two-year stay permit. If you, as a commissioner, also want to be allowed to work, you will need to have minimum Rp 10 billion share ownership of the company.

Other Conditions You Need to Know

  • Investor KITAS can support dependent KITAS.
  • One Company can hold more than one Investor KITAS as long as the foreigner’s shares are more than Rp 1 Billion stated in the Company’s Deed of Establishment.
  • Investor KITAS also can obtain KITAP.
  • Investor KITAS is also renewable.

Basic Requirements of an Investor KITAS

Document Requirements

  1. Investor’s passport with minimum 18 (eighteen) months validity for one-year KITAS application, and 30 (thirty) months validity for two-year KITAS.
  2. Company’s deed of establishment and its amendments (if any).
  3. Ratification from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR) of company sponsor.
  4. Tax ID (NPWP) of company sponsor.
  5. Business Domicile.
  6. Business Licence.
  7. Business Identification Number (NIB).
  8. ID Card (KTP) and Tax ID (NPWP) of the Indonesian Director of the company sponsor.
  9. Blank document with the company’s letterhead.
  10. Bank account statement with a minimum balance of US$10,000.

Steps to Register an Investor KITAS

1Apply for Telex (Visa Approval) 
2Telex Visa will directly send to the Embassy abroad of our choice
3Receive VITAS from respective Embassy and you will have 90 days to enter Indonesia
4Once enter Indonesia, convert Telex VITAS to Investor KITAS (take 10-14 working days)


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