Indonesian Shelf Company (PMA)

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Bizindo has available indonesian shelf company (PMA) for various specific fields of business, which are set up and ready to go. Shelf company (ready-made) in Indonesia are business entities established by Bizindo, with no business history, which have been created with a sole purpose to be acquired by our clients. Bizindo will help you get the shelf company in a safe and fast way through online purchasing. Start working on Indonesian market right now.

Price includes all government approvals, registrations of share transfer, change of domicile address (if required), and name change (if required).

When enquiring please inform us of the type of business you would like to undertake in Indonesia. Shelf company is specific for a field of business.

For certain fields of business on the negative list (DNI) Indonesian shareholders may still be required. Bizindo can provide professional shareholders where necessary.

Professional Shareholder Services: Certain fields of business activity in Indonesia are restricted for foreign investment, requiring Indonesian shareholders. If you do not yet have an Indonesian partner but want to get started in business straight away, then Bizindo can provide a professional shareholder.

Professional Director Services: Foreign persons wishing to become directors of Indonesian companies are obliged to obtain a residence visa and work permit (“KITAS”).

Professional Chairman Services: All Indonesian companies are required to have a chairman, who is non-executive and acts as a supervisor of the director.

Estimated Delivery Time: 1 month


How does it work?

Once the company is purchased, Bizindo immediately transfers the management control to the new owner with a contract signed (a power of attorney within 24 hours) that is notarized by a public notary and provide the following information:

  • A company name and incorporation number
  • A company office address and phone number
  • A tax number and identification
  • Set of document related to company registration
  • Set of local nominee agreements
  • A corporate bank account number and access to internet banking (if required)

The process of registration of a new owner takes one week from the date of its purchase.


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