Business Entity Certificate (Sertifikat Badan Usaha/SBU)

When the SKA has been completed and the company is registered as a member of the association, the Construction Company can apply for its certification and registration in accordance with the classification and qualification that has been choosed in Business Entity Certificate (SBU). 

Business Entity Certificate Obtain Through the Certification and Registration Process:



Certification is a process of evaluating the competence and ability of business entities in the field of construction services through a verification and validation process by the Association and / or National Construction Services Development Agency (LPJK).



Registration is an activity by LPJK to determine the competence of a business entity to obtain a business license, in accordance with the classification and qualifications that are realized in the certificate.



Refer to Business Entity Certificate which is the proof of recognition of the competence in the construction service business entities through the Certification and Registration process in accordance with their classification and qualification.

Business Entity Certificate (SBU) provided by LPJK Based on Classification of Business Construction Services

The classification of Business Construction Services consists of:  


Construction Contractor

There are different types of construction contractors, ranging from small maintenance to large construction. The type of construction contractors are divided into two (2) types depending upon the business scope of the company. These construction companies can be engaged into general contracting or sub-contracting.


Construction Consultant

The Construction Consultant is a professional service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science, design and related areas to governments, industries, developers and construction firms. Most Construction Consultant services are offered through construction consulting companies, but are also frequently offered by sole practitioners.


Integrated Construction (EPC)

Integrated construction work is a combination of all or part of the Construction Consultation and Construction Work activities with high risk, high technology and high costs. There are five (5) sub-classification of Integrated Construction (EPC).

Phase of Business Entity Certificate (SBU) Process

Skilled workers or construction service experts must have SKTK or SKA certificates as requirements to be determined as Technical Responsibility (PJT) and as Person in Charge of Classification (PJK) in the process of certification and registration of construction services business.

SKTK and SKA are proof of competence of experts and skilled workers in the field of construction services.

Submit an application as an associate member of an accredited / registered construction service company in the LPJK as a requirement to submit a request for certification and registration of a construction service business through an association.


Get a business entity certificate or SBU according to the classification and qualifications issued by the Provincial LPJK or the National LPJK through the Construction Services Business Certification and Registration process.

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