Professional Shareholder/Director for PMA Company


In the event that you wish to engage in one of the few business sectors that require Indonesian shareholding, Bizindo can provide a professional shareholder/director — can be a company or a person — to hold these shares for you until such time as you might find a true Indonesian partner.

Service includes the provision of declaration of trust — fully notarized — that ensures that the beneficiary maintains full control of the shares, including voting rights and dividend payments . The beneficiary may transfer the shares at any time.

Extimated Delivery Time: 1 week


Bizindo assists our Clients with local nominee services as Shareholder (corporate or individual), Director (individual), and Commissioner (individual). Bizindo ensures the nominee arrangements safely by managing notarized nominee agreement between Client and local nominee:

  • Period : 1 year of services
  • Notes: the fee excludes notarized nominee agreement as below:
    – Bizindo arranges nominee letter and agreement, legalized by notary to protect our Client ownership and authority in the company.
    – The package of nominee agreement below:
    + Loan Agreement between local shareholder and investor
    + Pledge of Shares Agreement
    + Call Option Agreement
    + PoA to Vote and Sell
    + Letter of Indemnity
    + Cooperation Agreement


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