Amendments to Company Structure & Ownership


As the business grows and evolve, it is important to update the changes in the legal structure of your business’ needs, or that you wish to occur. This includes amendments to the directors, commissioner, shareholders, capital structure, as well as authorised fields of business activity, current company address, branch offices, and etc.

Bizindo undertakes the following legal services related to the change in company’s structure:

  • Change of Director
  • Change to Company Shareholders/Ownership
  • Changes the Business Field
  • Expand the Company Branch Office
  • Change the Company’s Domicile
  • Changes in Capital Structure (authorised capital, paid-up capital)
  • Change of Company Name
  • Professional (“Nominee”) Shareholder Agreements
  • Conversion of Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA) to Local Company (PT), or Local Company (PT) to Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA)

Estimated Time: 1 Month


Notes: the fee of amendments to company structure has included below changes:

  • Changes in notarial deeds
  • Changes in related permits
  • Changes in Tax Card (NPWP)


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