Virtual Office Indonesia (CBD) – Jakarta, Bali, Batam


Why Do You Need a Virtual Office?

  • When you decide to register a company in Indonesia, you need to present the location of your office to obtain a domicile letter. This letter is one of the initial requirements to establish a company in Indonesia.
  • A virtual office enables investors to obtain a registered address and domicile letter without renting office space. Your business will be registered in the Jakarta best CBD area. The receptionist will handle your calls and mail.
  • Enter the virtual office. Allowing a third party to take care of your calls and mail from a virtual office with a business address can free up precious time and ensure you never miss a single client call.

Estimated time: 1 week


The Benefits of Virtual Office:

  • Professional image: Whilst working away from a more conventional office based environment can save many selfemployed or small to medium businesses money, the virtual office provides their brand with
    the same professional image their larger competitors have. 
  • Cost minimum: Many small to medium start-up’s will simply not be able to justify the cost of buying or renting an office, and so the virtual office is an affordable alternative that is also much cheaper than hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • Low cost: As the costs associated with the virtual set-up are so minimal, it gives you access to an office without the usual monetary risks involved.
  • Environmentally sound.
  • Receptionist answering: Having a professional front of house receptionist answering your calls means that you need never worry about missing a potential client.
  • Optional meeting room: It’s provided with optional meeting room.


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