Name of Project

Central-West Java 500 KV Transmission Line 

Total Investment

Rp 7.64 Trilion


The 500 kV transmission construction to transmit electricity generated in Central Java to load centre Jakarta which is located in the western region of Java Island.

The transmission project is divided into the following sections:

  1. Ungaran (Pedan) – Pemalang (86 km)
  2. Pemalang – Mandirancan (167 km)
  3. Pemalang – Incomer 2 pi (110 km)
  4. Pemalang – Incomer 2 pi (Batang – Weleri) 2 km
  5. Mandirancan – Indramayu (90 km)
  6. Indramayu – Cibatu (110 km)


The transmission line from West Java to Central Java is highly needed to transmit the electricity generated by PLTU Indramayu (1,000 MW), PLTU Jawa 1 (1,000 MW), PLTU Pemalang (2×1,000 MW), PLTU Jawa 3 (2 x 660 MW), PLTU Jawa 4 (2×1,000 MW) and PLTU Batang (2,000 MW). Consequently, it is necessary to synchronize the development schedules and completion of all projects.

Latest Status

Construction and will be operation in 2019


West Java and Central Java

Source Budget

Funding Scheme

State-Owned Enterprise (SOE)

Project Owner


Planned Commence Date


Planned Commercial Operation