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Why clients love Bizindo’s Insurance for Expat?

Worldwide Cover

Be treated at home or abroad, anywhere around the globe

Save Money

50% lower premium

High Protections

Full range of plans & benefits to suit the widest range of client needs throughout the globe

Protect Children

Bizindo's Insurance offers standalone cover for children

Everyone Accepted

100% accepted regardless of histroy, Bizindo will say "yes" to every client that applies before their 71st birthday

Fast Track Claims

24/7 fast-track claims service provided to all insured members

No Medical Queries

Get instant coverage and have your insurance documents delivered to you electronically immediately

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The price is determined by below:

  1. Age : Maximum up to 70 years old
  2. Country area : Area 1 (Europe), Area 2 (Rest of the World), Area 3 (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore), USA is not available.
  3. Level of Cover : Major Medical, Standard, Comprehensive, and Fully Comprehensive

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Level of Cover

Four Levels of Cover Offering a Full Range Benefits





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