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Indonesia Market Research : Good Market Research Turns Data into Intelligence

Bizindo market research is a bit more than the informal assimilation and interpretation of intelligence that is a natural consequence of keeping eyes and ears open. Our market research is structured and purposeful. It is the systematic and objective collection and interpretation of data to help reduce risk in marketing decisions.

Bizindo’s market researchers do not just poke around in a market to see what is going on. We have research designs and plans. We are therefore systematic in what we do. Furthermore, we seek to uncover the truth which may be hidden under a pile of assumptions or bias. It is the researcher’s task to be objective.

Good market research should not stop with data. Data are the collection of facts and opinions that are accumulated in the survey process. This needs converting to information so that it tells us something. More than this it needs to become intelligence so it helps us make smart moves. Bizindo’s Market researchers collect statistics and opinions; we then work out what these data mean, and draw conclusions which lead to improved business decisions.

Some of Bizindo market research covers:

  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • PEST : Political, Economical, Social and Technology in the specific industrial condition.
  • Country economical and political outlook and overview
  • Analysis on business sector – market size, major market players and shares, demographics and future trends
  • Sector outlook and forecast
  • Competitor and Customer analysis. Understanding customers’ and potential customers’ needs through
    market research is one of the best ways to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Distribution and marketing analysis
  • Regulation analysis on the specific sector
  • Market entry strategies including the best company structure, etc.
  • Business Partner searches and arrange business matching
  • Financial and investment advisory services

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