Legal Translation / Sworn Translation (Indonesia – English)


Handled by an expert legal translator, accredited by the Court of Appeals and Cassation, our sworn translation is certified to be equivalent to the original source document. Called a sworn translation or a “certified translation” or legal translation, once the translation is completed, it has the same legal value as an official document in the eyes of the court.

Price is: US$5 per page

It can be Indonesian – English or English – Indonesian.

Estimated Delivery Time: 1-2 days


How is the price of a legal translation or sworn translation calculated ?

Whether the legal translations are offered by freelance translators or translation agencies, translation prices are set based on a number of criteria. Here are the key points to understand how a translation price is determined.

  • The language pair: i.e. the linguistic combination of the source language (original language of the text) and the target language (the language to which the text must be translated).
    E.g.: translating French into English is less expensive than French to Arabic or Cantonese. Why? Because the ability to translate to English is much more widespread. What’s more, concerning certain target languages, they have alphabets which require more work when it comes to page formatting in the final document.
  • The delivery deadline: If the translation project has urgent deadline requirements, requiring nights and weekends, for example, the price of the translation will often be augmented.
  • The number of words:
    Before being translated or being used to create a quote, the number of words contained in a source document is counted precisely. This global volume is known as the “gross volume”. Proper nouns, numbers, and sometimes recurrent expressions treated by CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation) are subtracted from the gross volume. The result, the “net volume” is what a translation price is based on.


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