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Offshore Visas is Available with Extra Steps

On 26 March 2021, the Director General issued a new Circular Letter of IMI-0661.GR.01.01 Year 2021 concerning Provisions for Visas and Stay Permits in the Adaptation Period for New Habits (Please find the Circular Letter at the end of this article). Here are the points:

  • The prohibition of entry of foreigners into Indonesian territory as well as the granting of Visit Visas and Limited Stay Visas are carried out based on the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 26 of 2020 concerning Visas and Stay Permits in the New Habit Adaptation Period;
  • Submitting applications for a Visit Visa and Limited Stay Visa does not require a health certificate containing a statement of being free from COVID-19 in English issued by an agency authorized by the government in the respective country;
  • For humanitarian reasons such as visiting / accompanying parents / siblings who are sick / died or for medical purposes, a Visit Visa for 1 (one) trip can be issued by Immigration Officers or Foreign Service Officials at Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia by fulfilling the requirements and conditions as referred to in the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 26 of 2020 concerning Visas and Stay Permits in the New Habit Adaptation Period and attaching evidence of the reasons for visa application;
  • The obligation to attach proof of availability of funds of at least US $ 10,000 (ten thousand US Dollars) or the equivalent is calculated for one Guarantor and is exempted for aid personnel, medical and food support, transportation equipment crews and humanitarian reasons;
  • Foreigners who hold a visiting Stay Permit originating from a visit visa on arrival, one-time visit visa, multiple-trip visit visa, or APEC Businessman Travel Card (KPP APEC) who are in the Indonesian Territory can apply for an extension of Stay Permit at the Immigration Office;
  • Foreigners who hold a Visit Stay Permit, Limited Stay Permit or Permanent Stay Permit that cannot be extended in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, can be granted a new Stay Permit after obtaining Visa Approval;
  • Foreigners who hold a Limited Stay Permit or Permanent Stay Permit who will apply for a Visa are required to carry out the Return of Immigration Documents (EPO) procedure to the Immigration Office;
  • The application for a new Residence Permit through Visa application must be made before the Stay Permit ends, in the case of foreigners who overstay for less than 60 days, they must complete the payment of expense before applying for Visa;
  • The issuance of a new residence permit is not counted as an overstay, as long as the visa application is submitted before the previous residence permit expires.

On the sametimes, the immigration also issued the announcement in its social medias:

Foreigners that can now enter Indonesia are holders of the following visas:
  1. Service visa
  2. Diplomatic visa
  3. Visit visa
  4. Limited residence visa
  5. Official stay permit
  6. Diplomatic stay permit
  7. Limited stay permit
  8. Permanent stay permit
  9. Transportation crew members who come using their own means of transportation
  10. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (KPP APEC) Businessman Travel Cardholders
  11. International transit passengers
Visit visas that can be granted are for foreigners who carry out the following activities:
  1. Emergency and urgent trips
  2. Undertaking business talks
  3. Purchasing goods
  4. Skills testing for prospective foreign workers
  5. Medical and food aid and support personnel
  6. Joining a ship or other means of transportation in Indonesia

As for the limited stay visa, it can be issued to carry out work and/or non-working purposes.

Limited stay visa for work can be granted to foreigners in the following cases:
  1. As an expert
  2. Joining a ship, working on offshore equipment, or installations operating in the archipelago waters, territorial sea, or continental shelf, as well as the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone
  3. Supervising the quality of goods or production
  4. Performing inspections or audits at company branches in Indonesia
  5. Servicing after sales
  6. Installing and repairing machinery
  7. Performing non-permanent work in the context of construction
  8. Prospective foreign workers who will work in the context of testing skills
Meanwhile, a limited stay visa for non-working purposes can be granted to foreigners in the following cases:
  1. Conducting foreign investment
  2. Family reunification
  3. International elderly tourists

Visa on arrival & visit visa cannot be applied.

Visa applications can only be done by attaching an application letter addressed to the Director-General of Immigration or via contacting a visa agent ([email protected]).

The following documents will need to be attached:

  1. Guarantor’s identity documents
  2. Applicant’s identity documents
  3. The email address of the guarantor
  4. The account ID number from visa online registration
  5. Application number of any previously applied for a visa
Circular Letter of IMI-0661.GR.01.01 Year 2021 in Flipbook: