Tax Incentive in Indonesia (2018)

Tax Incentive in Indonesia (2018)

There is a wide range of attractive tax incentives in Indonesia:

  1. Double tax relief
    – Credit for WHT directly paid on income received or accrued in a foreign country. The credit is limited to the lesser of the tax payable in Indonesia on the foreign income or the amount of the foreign tax paid.

  2. Tax holiday
    – Income tax reduction of between 10% and up to 100% are available for 5-15 years (might be extended up to 20 years).
    – Industries eligible for tax holiday:
         + Upstream metal
         + Oil refinery
         + Organic basic chemicals based on oil and natural gas
         + Production of industrial machines
         + Processing based on agriculture, forestry and fisheries
         + Telecommunication, information and communication equipment
         + Maritime transportation
         + Processing industry that is the main industry in a Special Economic Zone
         + Economic infrastructure not included in the Governmental and Business project (KPBU) scheme.
  3. Tax allowance
    – Total net income reduction of 30% of investment which is prorated at 5% per year for a six-year period
    – Extension of tax loss carry forward period up to 10 years
    – Reduction of WHT on dividends paid to non-residents to 10% (or a lower rate according to the applicable double taxable agreement)
    – 145 business field eligible for tax allowance
  4. Direct tax incentives for new enterprises
    – Tax exemption on the import of capital goods and raw materials
  5. Free trade zones and free port areas
    – No import duties and other taxes on the import of goods
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
    – Partial relief from 5% transfer of title tax on land and buildings, and a full relief from 2.5% income tax on the transfer of land and buildings
  7. Special economic zones (SEZ)
    – Corporate income tax reduction granted to new tax payers with new capital invested in the production chain of main activities in a SEZ (reduction ranges from 20% to 100% for a period of 5-25 years)
  8. Import duty exemptions
    – Import of machines, goods and materials for production exempt from import duty for a period of two years
    – Import duty exemption is granted for two years based on the installed machine capacity for production purposes and can benefit from a one-year extension
    – If the company uses at least 30% of local machines, import duty exemption is available for additional product for four years
    – Imported machines, goods and raw materials can be exempt from import duty if:
         + Not produced locally
         + Local machines are available but do not meet requirements.

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